VeboLife – Beta version

For the most recent release of the task, please visit the page: Vebo Life

To download the current development versions of the VeboLife program, please use the links below. Using these tasks requires an activation code.

Beta version (currently in testing):

Version (May 4, 2019)

Installation instructions

  • Download the VeboLife program (the file will be a zip archive named SMIP) using the appropriate link above for your computer.
  • Install the VeboLife progam
    • Please find the downloaded program (labeled SMIP) which will be a zip archive.
    • Double-click the zip file that you downloaded to unzip the files to a convenient location.
  • Start the VeboLife program (labeled SMIP)
    • Windows: double-click SMIP.exe in the SMIP folder
    • Mac: double-click the SMIP package.
      • You will need to change the security settings to allow installation of the program onto your computer.
      • Click “Open Anyway” to the prompt regarding the in Systems Preferences/Security & Privacy/General/Allow Apps downloaded from App Store and Identified developers.
      • The program can take up to 10 minutes to open the first time it is launched.

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