Before beginning the VeboLife program, we ask that you complete an initial assessment. For the assessment, you will perform three navigation tasks. Each task will require between 30 to 90 minutes to complete. You may take a break in between each task, but please complete a task in a single sitting, without taking any breaks.

To complete the initial assessment

  • Download the program (the Virtual Navigation Suite) using the appropriate link for your computer:
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • After clicking DOWNLOAD, a white page will appear while the file is downloading.
      • Once the download is complete, this window can be closed.
  • Install the Virtual Navigation Suite
    • Please find the downloaded VNS program (a zip archive) on your computer in your download file.
    • Double-click the zip file that you downloaded to unzip the files to a convenient location.
  • Start the Virtual Navigation Suite (VNS)
    • Windows: double-click VNS.exe in the VNS folder
    • Mac: double-click the VNS package.
      • You will need to change the security settings to allow installation of the program onto your computer.
      • Click “Open Anyway” to the prompt regarding the in Systems Preferences/Security & Privacy/General/Allow Apps downloaded from App Store and Identified developers.
      • The program can take up to 10 minutes to open the first time.
  • Complete the three tasks:
    • You will be prompted for an Activation Code when the program loads.
      • Use the code: VNS-initial-mapA
      • Please write this code down before starting the Virtual Navigation Suite (VNS).
    • Once the program has activated, you will be shown a menu listing three tasks: Pairs, 4 on 8 and Wayfinding.
    • Please complete each of the three tasks. To start a task, press the blue Load button.
    • For each task, you will be asked for a Participant ID. Please use your name, so that we can verify that you have completed the assessments
      • Once you start the task, follow the instructions given to complete the first assessment.

Once you have completed all three tasks, please contact for instructions on starting the VeboLife program.

If at any point you need to exit the Virtual Navigation Suite between tasks or once you have completed all of the initial assessments, press Escape at the Activation Code page.

Also, please contact if you have any problems with the initial assessments

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