VNS – Version History

Version 1.8.0


  • Modified the initial loading screen.
    • After activating the task, users can add or remove experimental conditions (e.g. removing tasks that are not used on that computer).
    • On the main loading screen, choose “Add Experiment” to create a new experimental condition. Follow the in-program prompts to set parameters for the study (task, whether to use habituation, map, descriptive title, etc.).
      • Currently, not all task parameters are available for every task.
    • After selecting an experimental condition, choose “Delete Experiment” to remove this experiment.
  • Modified the process for saving data (position, events, summary info, etc.) to disk, to more continuously update the local files, rather than waiting until the end of a trial, or significant events occur.
  • Added (beta) support for eyetracking using Tobii eyetrackers.
  • Added a command (CTRL + H) to toggle the speed of the player from 100-150-200% of the default speed (intended for debugging/training).
  • After changing the graphics quality (using CTRL + Q), the informational message at the top of the screen disappears after 3 seconds.

Wayfinding (version 1.3.6)

  • The “across from” prompts (e.g. “X is across the street from you“) now appear on every entry during exploration, rather than until the first visit to the main trigger.
  • MCP map
    • Added some barriers, to prevent partially entering buildings (and seeing through them, near Urban Heart) or going into apartment buildings.
  • Polygon City map
    • Modified names of landmarks, to begin with The (capitalized) and capitalize all words in the name.
    • Shortened the dead-end roads leading out of town, made it clear that the road ends at the end of the shortened road.

Software for navigation testing